Born and raised in Western Australia, Tash Rolfe has always been fascinated by the arts.

Tash’s happiest childhood moments were spent whimsically indulging in the magical world of her imagination. This wildly creative sense of play, coupled with a strong desire to explore, reflect, interpret and question her world through various art forms, have been a persistent theme in Tash’s life.

Once an accomplished dancer and choreographer, Tash retired from dance when struck by the sudden, deeply inherent need to create little people of her own. Three children later, Tash now channels her creative energies into mixed media art, painting and short form writing, as well as occasionally teaching dance and working as a freelance director and producer across art forms. Tash is a former Artistic Director of Southern Edge Arts and more recently Tash was engaged by illuminart; the son et lumier architectural projection artists, as an associate producer.

In recent years, Tash has exhibited and sold her creations in various group exhibitions at the Vancouver Art Centre and in 2013, Tash was awarded an Emerging Artist Grant by the same venue.

Tash is one of the Lodge Collective Artists, who share the old Albany Masonic Lodge as studio space. While working on her recent commission for the ABC Great Southern building, this group opened its doors as open studios during the 2105 Great Southern Art and Craft Trail. A particular feature of this event, were nightime projections onto this historic buildings exterior, uniquely exhibiting Tash’s artwork alongside associated artists, on a grand scale.

Inspired by the beauty of the Great Southern, her travels abroad and the rich, unique stories of the lives of her nearest and dearest; oils, acrylics, writing and collage feature in the semi- abstract art Tash creates.

TishTashTosh brings together all that Tash is most passionate about. Inspired art, great stories, good books, live performance and all things bright and beautiful in the Great Southern of Western Australia.

TishTashTosh is a space for artist and writer Tash Rolfe to share:

  • Recent artworks and writing.
  • Recommendations for local art exhibitions and live performances in Albany, as well as thoughts about interesting books and films.

Tash hopes you enjoy her inspirations, observations and deliberations.


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