Our Stories, This Space. Juggling Airwaves, Catching Place.

In 2015 I was incredibly flattered to be invited and commissioned to create an original artwork for ABC Great Southern.

My concept was to create a piece of art that captured the wild beauty of the Great Southern while illustrating the ABC’s place within this Great Southern land.

The resulting work: Our Stories, This Space. Juggling Airwaves, Catching Place.  is a 1200 x 900 mixed media artwork on canvas.


Our Stories, This Space. Juggling Airwaves, Catching Place. Tash Rolfe 2015.

A person stands poised. A solitary metaphor for all those agents of the ABC during its life in the Great Southern.

With tremendous care, this silhouette is thoroughly focused upon the delicate task at hand; existing to juggle the voices, celebrations, opinions, warnings, music and words, of those who call here home.

Neither asserting control nor dipping in, the figure is in harmony with this place.  In a gentle act of catching and releasing the prevailing ideas of the time, our stories in and of this space are allowed the freedom to be heard and the opportunity to resolve.

Salmon Holes. Frequently in our news, this much loved coastal reserve remains close to the heart of many locals who respect its power and enjoy its untamed beauty. The colour and nature of this seascape is representative of many parts of our exquisite coastline.

When visiting here,  you feel quiet, at peace, invited to swim and fish in the glorious sapphire waters. Like a siren’s song, Salmon Holes has unknowingly seduced many into its perilous depths and yet, it is arguably one of our most beautiful and loved beaches.

Many of us have stories of this place. Have trodden its beach and picnicked upon its sands. In one way or another it has woven itself into the lyrics of our lives.

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I began by collaging a whimsical sky of music and words, full of the gleeful anticipation that comes with a trip to the beach, sounding out that which the ABC broadcasts across the airwaves. I collaged under the water to reflect the skies above and I hope that the luscious glossy qualities of the oils and the colour of the sea invite the viewer to dive in.

The horizon intentionally falls away and sweeps us out to sea, surging back towards shores at the sea’s whim, reminding us no one person is in control. Viewed from an angle, the collage underneath the water appears fractured, alluding to the risk and inherent dangers lurking beneath this alluring body of water.

The collage also extends beneath the sands which is evident upon closer inspection, revealing musical notes. Reminiscent of footprints, the marks we make that in time will be washed away then renewed, I considered this idea to run parallel with our need to assert opinions and have these broadcast, only to reconsider and alter these points of view with the passing of time.  The juggling balls symbolise our voices and stories, the words ” Here, I’m there” and “Catch me, Catch but air” remind me of the relationship between the ABC and the ever changing commentary of the people and place with which it is ensconced.

Slideshow documenting work in progress.

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