Splash, Smear, Scribble and Scrawl.

I recently spoke with Suzannah Lyons from ABC Open about my artistic process and the role writing plays within the art that I create. aj4

Following our conversation Suzannah published a blog post; Writing as Art, that can be found here.


This got me thinking more about my journey and I thought it may be nice to share with you my early explorations with visual art, particularly for those who were unable to attend  my recent art exhibition Emerge.


The images featured in this post are from my first art journal that I began in 2010. A weekly class in Expressive Art Journaling with Michelle Saleeba set me on my path.

At the time I was pregnant with my youngest child and my art journal was a place to safely explore my emotional state of being as well as to  experiment with something I really enjoyed; creative expression through visual art.

As I splashed and smeared paint and scribbled and scrawled, inundating the white pages of a journal with the outpourings and celebrations of my soul, something began to shift. I was reconnecting with my creative self.


One of the things I found myself saying to Suzannah during our conversation was that I so often hear people remark that they don’t have a creative bone in their body.


But in truth I think if we all allowed ourselves more time for grown-up play, opportunities to create and reconnect with the stuff we loved as children, we would all be a whole lot happier.


One of the things I wanted the Emerge exhibition to be was really honest and based on real experience.

aj13tttSo I chose to share my early fumblings with paint during the Emerge exhibition. 


I didn’t want people to think I’d started by being able to paint some of my later works that are in oils on canvas and on a large scale.


Another question I am often faced with is how do I find the time.  The answer to this is very simple. Basically I have to make the time and this is about being disciplined because it is impossible to find a spare moment with a young family.


So I schedule it as a priority and on that designated day everyone is out of the house, the dirty dishes remain in the sink, no house work takes place, just the force of creativity is allowed to flow.


What I have learnt is that if I just start something (sometimes anything), even a simple exercise in doodling,  then the energy flows and replaces itself, the creative project reveals itself and I am on my way.

Reading the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron did wonders for me in realising how art could become a part of my daily life.

aj9tttI know that in my circle of people there are some incredibly creative sorts who have hinted at the creative play that they loved as children and long for as adults. Potential crafters, singers, poets, musicians, dancers, performers, artists, writers, novelists.  Are you one of them? How do you long to creatively express yourself?


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