The Reader

Open to a world of possibility, the reader curls up, absorbed. So many have come before, like a vast landscape mapping the course of life.

The reader chooses the road she will travel based on a vast library, accumulated over a lifetime.

Words allow her to gaze through a window, revealing that which would normally remain hidden, sometimes concealed by the outside world, other times tucked deep away within herself.

Caught up, she forgets herself, escapes in these precious moments. A mind undressed, nothing comes between her and the voice she attentively listens to with each passing chapter.

Here, the reader has space to think and feel and question, to dream and discover and explore, to cry, to spontaneously laugh aloud. The reader knows this to be a gift; quieting the busyness of the chaotic modern world.

And as she quenches her thirst and drifts off to sleep, the reader grows.

The reader

The reader.
Tash Rolfe 2013.
Collage of maps and books on board with Coptic marker. 630mm x 770mm(framed).
Jarrah timber frame handcrafted and donated by Terry Rolfe
Donated to Albany Public Library’s Annual Art Auction for Foodbank.
In response to the Love2Read theme.
Currently displayed in the Albany Public Library until the Auction on the 11th December 2013.


7 thoughts on “The Reader

    • Yep, I just might go and spend my Saturday night doing exactly that myself. Hope your gorgeous exhibition is going well Anne. I really loved the show and thought that all of your work beautifully complimented each others work. That is not always how things work out. Congratulations. Tash x

  1. This is soooo good Tash! I read it aloud to Tony (not a reader), but I needed to share it. I explained your process for the artwork. We’ll done you! X Carmel


    • Thanks Carmel. You have a special little insight into this piece that no one else has after our visit together. I love the drawing of Eden you sent with Benn. Thank you so much. I plan on framing and putting in his room. Absolutely gorgeous! Now go curl up with a good book and be swept away. Tash x

    • Hi Cindy, I know, I want to be her too. I think in a way we are all her, she is certainly a representation of all of us, its just that with the demands of young families we don’t very often connect with this version of ourselves very often, but when we do, doesn’t it feel fantastic? Tash x

      • Not even ‘not very often’…I think it will be a while until I can do that again. I was just thinking the other day, I think I’ve gone this whole year without reading even one book. How tragic is that? LOL

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