Lighthouse Exhibition Illuminating

3808735967_fe02ff68deMix Artists explore the idea of the Lighthouse in their exhibition currently showing at the WA museum Albany.

I was able to visit this space on a couple of occasions during the Great Southern Festival, absorbing the various interpretations of the Lighthouse theme.

I enjoyed walking through the gallery which is befittingly situated above the grand old lighthouse lamp in the  main exhibition space of the museum.  The dimly lit space evokes the quiet of being marooned upon a distant island as would have been the case for many lighthouse keepers past. I attended this exhibition alone and the resulting silence in the room made for a very calm- before- the- storm ambience . A pleasant coincidence adding to the experience of viewing the twelve interpretations of the theme.

Kate Campbell Pope’s contribution Falling Sky/ Rising Sea was a particularly engaging piece of art. Essentially, the somewhat sculptural 3D artwork is made of assembled carved cuttlefish, I imagined lovingly collected while undertaking many beach walks. For me, Falling sky/ Rising Sea has a nurturing feminine quality to it and instantly reminded me of a book I recently read by M.L.Stedman titled The Light Between Oceans.

Like the book, gazing at this artwork, made me consider the ways that lighthouse keeping families might have  found to while away the hours, given the few materials available and their long periods of isolation from the mainland.

Kevin Draper’s sculpture Maquette 2012 was another particularly memorable piece on display and interestingly, is the model for a much larger piece that may one day grace the southern marina here in Albany. Draper’s artist statement suggests that he was inspired by the Albany  lighthouses of Breaksea and Point King. The lighting incorporated into Maquette 2012 has an ethereal quality, emanating from bellow the welded and painted steel  sculpture,  It drew my eye up and along the tree trunk,  seemingly suspended off the ground,  that is confined within the black and white lighthouse. A sense of hope and safety came to mind as I observed Maquette 2012.

The other artists exhibiting as part of this collective include Lynley Campbell, Kate Hooper, Anne Copeman, Jennifer Crisp, Annette Davis, Renee Farrant, Meleah Farrell, Jillian Green, Serena McLauchlan and Paul Moncrieff.

All of the interpretations and the accompanying artist statements are well thought out and insightful, delving into what a lighthouse represents.

Lighthouse will conclude on Monday 4th February. Feel free to share your thoughts on this exhibition here by leaving a comment.

Photo Credit: Light House Light by DJ KING

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